Friday, 19 August 2011

Cherry Wood Spoon

This is a piece of wood I have had for some time now, having made and carved a smaller spoon from the wood.  This went to a friend of mine who is a wood turner and has a display in the Lane Gallery, Cathedral Lane, Truro.

As with all projects like this you have to choose which part of the wood you are going to use, in this case I wanted a specific bend to the bowl of the spoon, so made the cut like this below.
You then have to split the wood (above), watch some of my videos on youtube about fire making and battening wood if you are not sure how.  This really is the point of no return and where you find if the wood is going to split where you want it to.  Sometimes it does not, so ends up in the fire or used for another project.  The splitting process is needed as its gong to take a hell of a long time to whittle the existing timber down if not.

The next step is to get the basic shape of the spoon.  I am led into how the wood feels, so may bend off to one side, or be twisted.  All this adds the character to the finished spoon, so unless you want it perfect, go with it!

After a few more minuets the basic shape is made.  Note the rather large knife I was using to do this, I suggest use what you are comfortable with if doing this.  I was in rather a bad mood when making this one so wanted it to be fully therapeutic for me!

Slowly you come to the finished version, (above).  Picture is terrible, not my usual clear quality as I was using a little point and shoot for this.  Also I changed the knife I was using.  Although I have carved with the A1 knife in the above picture, the finer carving does take some doing, so I went for the little Frosts wood carving knife.

Even with the previous bad picture, you can see after adding the tongue oil, as the spoon will not be used for eating purposes as the wood has gone soft for one.  The oil certainly brings out the best in the wood.  I won't be selling this one as I like my spoons to be made in the frame of mind I made them in.  I am a great believer in things that are hand made pick up the vibration from that person, so I only pass on spoons that have a good feel to them.  Like everyone though I have my off days and carving spoons is a good way of letting off some steam! 

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